A little something about Tanya aka “Comic Strip Mama”:

Life and Parenthood About Tanya

Tanya Masse aka Comic Strip Mama Awards!

Hello! Thanks for stopping by!

I’m a mom, nannie, wife, author, blogger, cartoonist, entrepreneur, cancer/bone marrow trasplant caregiver and awesome activist –  Not always in that order!

“Stripping away the INSANITY of LIFE and PARENTHOOD!” That’s what I do best! Through my comics, blogs, social media platforms and literary works, I encourage people to stop taking life way too seriously and provide a daily dose of humor and inspiration.

Life is a series of exciting, rewarding, crazy and terrifying ups and downs and twists and turns! At times, it will leave you feeling like you are desperately hanging on to your very last shred of sanity for dear life as you are whipped to the brink of insanity and back like a YO YO! Throw parenthood into the mix and you might find yourself checking into the nearest insane asylum a few times along the journey just so you can have the nervous breakdown that you deserve! THEN, slip some nasty cancer and chronic illness into that mumbo jumbo and you will find yourself staring down the edge of a cliff (figuratively) more than you will ever want to admit!

We can’t always control circumstances. However, no matter what you are faced with in this life, YOU have the power to determine how YOU react to it (as long as you have a shred of sanity left) and this is something I have learned over time. Throughout the challenges of life and parenthood, I have suffered many tragedies and hardships. For many years I lived a terribly dark, disturbing, depressing and miserable existence. Thankfully, I saved myself from drowning in that sea of self-pity and realized that I needed to accept accountability for my actions, attitude and behavior.

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.”  – This is one of my FAVORITE quotes.

EVERYTHING is a matter of perspective. Yes, everything. Accepting accountability for your choices and learning how to live, love, learn and LAUGH, even when you feel like you are going to lose your ever-loving mind is the KEY to making the best of it and never letting it get the best of you… whatever “IT” may be. You just need to continually force yourself to keep focusing on the positive, recognizing the blessings and finding the humor in everything. It can be done. I have proof. 😉

Please also check out and follow my BLOODY AWESOME JOURNEY website where I blog about the journey of my husband’s and our family’s battle with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, Bone Marrow Transplant and Graft vs. Host Disease!

I look forward to laughing and sharing with you!