22 essential elements of an AWESOME leader…

An awesome leader voices the positives louder than the negatives.

An awesome leader is strong, but not hurtful.

An awesome leader is kind, sensitive and compassionate, but not weak.

An awesome leader is confident, but not arrogant.

An awesome leader has morals and ethics, but recognizes diversity and does not discriminate.

An awesome leader takes credit, but also gives it.

An awesome leader delegates, but also gets their own hands dirty.

An awesome leader proves their own worth with tact and professionalism, but does not attack, defame or insult in order to do so.

An awesome leader proves their worth

An awesome leader develops plans and provides direction, but does not refuse to consider and embrace change.

An awesome leader makes decisions based on sound knowledge and facts, but does not manipulate the truth.

An awesome leader works collaboratively with others and is focused on the greater good, but does not avoid dealing with and resolving conflict.

An awesome leader communicates effectively, takes time to listen and answers questions with good explanations, but does not discount others’ emotions and perspective.

An awesome leader conveys success, but can admit and accept accountability for their own faults and failures.

An awesome leader protects the people they lead, but does not fear monger.

An awesome leader leads by example, but accepts and respects differences.

An awesome leader develops people, but does not use them.

An awesome leader inspires, encourages and empowers, but does not brainwash.

An awesome leader creates strategic relationships and partnerships, but does not compromise integrity to do so.

An awesome leader provides hope, but does not deceive.

An awesome leader is consistent, but knows when to bend.

An awesome leader is serious, but doesn’t take life WAY too seriously and has a sense of humor.

An awesome leader realizes that the most important things in life are not things, money & power.

An awesome leader realizes the most important things in this life are not things, money and power

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