Seven days from today, after a 42 year relationship, I will be parting with my uterus. I may also be losing my last ovary, if my gynecologist (herein referred to as “GYN”) decides that it is not healthy enough to stay. Before my GYN performs the Hysterectomy procedure, he will perform a diagnostic laparoscopy so he can take a look around, remove any lady bits left behind from previous surgeries, excise any adhesions/Endometriosis and repair anything that needs it.

Why am I having all of this done? Because it’s time. I’ve put it off long enough. Trust me, I deserve a medal for waiting this long.

Let me explain…

“Womanhood” has never been easy for me. I have suffered tremendously from painful/heavy periods, painful ovulation and ovarian cysts since I was a teenager. When I was 18, I had emergency surgery to have my appendix removed. When I was 19, I had my first laparoscopic surgery to remove adhesions and Endometriosis. That was the first of many gynecological surgeries to come, including several more LAPS, D&Cs, 2 ectopic emergency surgeries, a left oophorectomy and surgery to detach organs sticking to other organs. My last LAP surgery to clean up adhesions and detach organs was almost 10 years ago.

For most of the last 10 years, I was able to tolerate most of my pain with over the counter pain relievers, a heating pad, taking hot baths…wine….wine…wine…lol…and rest. In 2014, my pain started to get worse and my cycles were becoming more irregular. But, Kevin (my husband) was dealing with leukemia and then we found out he needed a bone marrow transplant. Being his caregiver, I just kept on. Whining and “overreacting” every now and then, of course…


Moving along into January 2015, things were getting progressively worse and I was getting really concerned with my pain and blood loss. Kevin’s Bone Marrow Transplant was scheduled for February 25th, 2015 and at the end of January the pain was so bad, I thought there might be something seriously wrong. The pain felt just as bad as the pain I suffered from when I needed my left ovary removed because of a very large complex cyst. It was so bad that I convinced myself that I needed to go to the Emergency.

Thankfully I didn’t need surgery then. I don’t know what we would have done, given all of the circumstances with Kevin’s Bone Marrow Transplant. We even had to move to another city for a couple of months! However, I did have a ovarian cyst that wasn’t big enough for surgery, but needed to be watched. My ultrasound also showed “irregularities” in my uterus. That ultrasound was followed up with 5 more ultrasounds and some more ER visits over the course of the year. I had other cysts come and go, including one with a blood clot in it. I was also diagnosed with Adenomyosis, which is basically “uterine Endometriosis”. It causes a lot of pain, heavy bleeding and swelling.

So, super long story short, for the last year I have suffered with some pretty significant pain (mainly on the right side, all the way up to under my rib cage at times), pressure, swelling and bleeding. I also developed some new stuff like experiencing blood sugar lows and ocular migranes. Once I was satisfied with Kevin’s recovery and my doctor ruled out any other conditions with an upper GI ultrasound, I decided I NEEDED to see my GYN and have “the talk”.

I met with my GYN just before Christmas and we scheduled my Hysterectomy for February 1st, 2016. There was no question that I absolutely need to end my relationship with my uterus. My Iron has always been just below or at the bottom of the normal range and in December my Hemoglobin dropped to 108. So I’m now taking Iron pills and they SUCK. I’m also now taking ibuprofen, codeine and hydromorphone to control my pain. So that sucks too.

My GYN is hoping to save my last ovary. It’s better for me to have natural hormone, if possible, and because of my high blood pressure, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) might not even be an option. But he knows that my ovary is a huge source of my pain. It’s possible that my ovary is just attached to another organ and detaching it might resolve that pain. So here’s hoping for a best case scenario.

As hard as going through all of this FEMALE insanity has been for me, throughout all the challenges of my womanhood years, I was blessed with 3 healthy amazing children. This is something I am beyond grateful for.

My little blessings

And most of you also know that I was recently blessed with my first Grandbabe! The hardest part of the recovery from this surgery is definitely going to be not being able to hold this little Grandman for WEEKS!

Grandman Monkey

And yes, I am going to follow those doctor’s orders to a “T” because the goal here is to be PAIN FREE soon after the 4-6 week recovery time. My body likes to create scar tissue very quickly, so I need to be extra careful.

This will conclude the introduction to my Hysterectomy Blog Journey. I also hope to educate and help support others along the way. Over the next few days, I will explain more about what a Hysterectomy is, including the different types. I will also tell you what I’m doing to prepare for my surgery day and post-op recovery period.

If you have any questions, want me to elaborate on anything, want me to cover anything specific or if you have ANY advice to offer, please don’t hesitate to comment below. Anything goes here. There is no such thing as TMI… it’s just life. 😉 So if you are squeamish, this is a warning… you probably want to ignore my “Hysterectomy posts” from here on in. 😉

Thanks stopping by!

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